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Orient Enterprises a subsidiary of Hindustani Herbal Remedies since 1996,  Royal products since 1971 and Indian Drugs House since 1977 all of which were reputed manufacturer of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine, introduced the concept of e-business to the Ayurvedic and Unani medicine market in the country, by launching a market information portal from the city of Delhi.


As we are all aware that IT industry is one of the most potential industry in the world today and more & more people are getting on the net to get information and meet their requirements. With the arrival of Internet, sale of all products in India has increased manifolds and with greater penetration it is bound to increase more .The potential growth in Ayurvedic & Unani medicine has shown a path of it’s growth in industry.   


As we all know manufacturing of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine, Delhi have  played a vital role in India. Dealers not only from neighboring states but virtually from whole of India look forward to Delhi to make their  Ayurvedic & Unani medicine purchases.


Orient enterprises for the first time in India created a unique Hub by the name of  for the all Indian Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturers market to benifit.


This hub is extending Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) facilities to the Indian Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturing industry in India. is a neutral platforms which aim to benefit all,  Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturers & traders, bringing in the concept of fair and quick dealings with plenty of choices at the click of a button.


This portal (A Web siteor service that offers a broad array of resources and services) are basically an e-market, where all Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturers have their e-shops(Virtual shops on the internet parallel to their physical shops), displaying the products they are selling along with their prices.


 Anyone who wishes to buy or enquire about the Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturers can connect to through Internet and can browse through it to know which manufacturer is manufacturing which products, and at what price. He can then make online enquiries to the manufacturer by sending an enquiry form or by sending an instant message (similar to online Chat) to the dealer. If all the terms are agreeable by both the parties then they may even choose to finalize the deal amongst themselves.


However, it is important to note that no brokerage or commission is charged by the Hub and there will be direct one to one deals between the dealer and the buyer without any intervention of the Hub or responsibility.


Other features of the Hub include exclusively free weblink, e-mail, instant messaging and broadcasting to trading community, special offers, flash offers, new product launches,   & classifieds.



The hub “” provides an opportunity to all manufacturers however big or small to display their advertisements free of charges in the space provided on any page [advertisement should be of given sizes]



is again being linked by to make your website more widely seen.


FREE PRODUICT PROFILES: are being uploaded so that your products become more popular through and new products are also freely introduced in a write up of 50 words. All companies financially big or with small budget, little known or well famous can avail this facility and give their product profile free of any charges.



similarly all companies financially big or with small budget, little known or well famous can avail this facility and give their companies profile, free of any charges, in app. 50 words



there are other catagories presented which gives information of different aspect of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturing industry such as raw materials, packing materials, machinery manufacturers and suppliers, packing designer and product devlopers, packing material suppliers, publications, periodicals, books & magazines on  Ayurvedic & Unani medicine and it’s manufacturing, medical discussions on different products and different ways and systems of manufacturing process. we have tried to bring all these on a click of a button which will be helpful to know the situation in the market


Ayurvedic & Unani medicine traders from all over India come to Delhi to make their purchase “ “would enable them to improve their sourcing of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine from the comfort of their offices by visiting the e-shops of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturers, and know which manufacturer is producing and selling which product and at what price, without actually having to physically visit Delhi. They can also be easily made aware about any new product launches, special & promotional offers from all over India


Similarly, this hub “ “ also hugely benefit the manufacturer as their scope is no longer limited to the customers physically visiting their shops, but is extended to anyone even in the remotest corner of India (or the world for that matter), who can visit his e-shop from any location through Internet. This results in a huge increase in the number of enquiries he receives and subsequently an increase in his marketing and sales.” also provides awareness about the products of community of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine manufacturers & provides them an opportunity to become the Distributor/Resellers.


This hub “ “also beneficial to the society as a whole because it promotes healthy competition by offering equal opportunity to all dealers, irrespective of their size and financial capabilities. For end users of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine.  “ “ is committed to provide useful buyer information to make them informed buyers; to provide them with the best bargains through special offers & awareness about new products.


To sum up, “ “ is committed to create a virtual community of Manufacturers, raw material suppliers, machinery manufacturers and suppliers, product developers, ............., Trader and End Users of Ayurvedic & Unani medicine products whereby End Users became Informed Buyers & provide an opportunity to manufacturers to increase their business & competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes.